hmmm.where to start?..

I love reading and to be honest i'm an addict with no hopes for a cure.
I'm not a writer but i do love telling stories. (NO. not gossip)
I just graduated from college and currently in 'transition'. (*wink)
I'm new here and i just thought to myself...'what the heck girl, why not write a story??'.
I'm not aiming for greatness. (Pfft..i don't have a single competitive bone in my body)

Seriously though I just loved how cool all the writers are here. i just wanna high five all of you for being so amazing and talented.

So yeah, i started writing one and hopefully i finish it.

Also i sincerely appeal to anyone who happens to read my work that although i believe in constructive criticism and all that....i'm just human. So be nice please. I'm already having nightmares about receiving hate filled rants and horrendous bashing from random people, but i can take it.
Not saying all i want is hugs, kisses and rainbows....just maybe...we could be chill and (dare i say it?!) friendly(?)..hahaha

Anyways. Enough of that..peace out.
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Story by Lady_duchez
Sandman's Heir by Lady_duchez
Sandman's Heir
An average person needs at least eight hours of sleep every day. But for some reason, seventeen year old Lia...
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