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I believe growth as a writer is more important than popularity and to express is more satisfying than to impress. I am open to all sorts of stories and genre, but I exclusively write Fantasy, Paranormal, Action, Teen fic, Chick flick, and Romance.

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Serendipity Trilogy
| The Genesis | The Damned | The Covenant |
- English

The First Fall

I'd Lie
- English

|Romance|Chick lit |Drama|Humor|

Break Away
|Short Story|


Moon Prophecy

Legend of the Twin Blades


- Taglish
|Romance|Humor|Chick Lit|

Decoding the Boys (One of the Boys 2014)
Surviving the Boys
Playing the Boys


That City Girl
Glam Princess
False Confessions
Glitz et Fab
Her Elite Ways

De Villa Series


Hook, Line, Sinker
My Only Juan
Monumental Heartbreaker
King of Keeping It
Silent Killer
Ice Cold Heir

The Lim Series

Because Series
Jamilla Lim

- Because He Fought
- Because I Left
- Because We Chose

Before Series
Riel Lim
- Before I Love
- Before You Leave
- Before We Move On

As It May Be Series (Perchance)
Dash Lim

- Maybe, I should
- Perhaps, I could
- Yes, I would

Manila Boys Trilogy
Lies & Games Trilogy
Wanderlust Trilogy

~ Short Story
Rule of Three
Art of Moving On
See You Again
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Decoding The Boys (One of the Boys) |Taglish|

Social data: 162K reads. 6.5K votes. 4.1K comments.

Description: There are many kinds of relationships, many types of playboys. There is no definite way to find your Mr. Right but there's a perfect way to avoid play boys. All types of them. How? Simple. By becoming on...


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Her Elite Ways

Her Elite Ways

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This is not a story about love. This is not a love story. This is a story of you. And me. And ho...

Ice Cold Heir

Ice Cold Heir

322 23 17

It started with a picture. Continued with a business deal. And ended with a separation. Francheska Dio...

Hook, Line, Sinker | Andrei De Villa

Hook, Line, Sinker | Andrei De Villa

4.5K 271 117

I entered this relationship knowing he doesn't love me. Why did he commit, you ask? Simple...

Collection of Drabbles and One-shots

Collection of Drabbles and One-shots

1.9K 154 89

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List