I am a student of Environmental Science , a mother to five wonderful children and a wife. My passions in life are reading , writing (when I can) and art which I hope to expand to creating book covers for this wonderful site! 

Avid Reader , but I have been known to be quite picky on the books I choose. If I add you to a reading list, be very happy! I am picky and do not waste time on books that didn't catch my eye or were recommended. If I become a fan or even comment ,be ecstatic! I rarely do these things!

Great with editing and critique. In another life I did "beta" reading for fanfiction and loved it!

Writer.... however, my time as a writer is very limited. I have many stories (all unfinished) that I have saved and just never decided to share with the world.I guess I can have a case of ADHD along with OCD when perfecting my own works!
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