Wₑ ₐᵣₑ ₙᵤₘbₑᵣ ₒₙₑ!

неყ неყ неყ

мч иıскиаме ıs "Aren't You Lactose Intolerant?" fееl fяее то саll ме тнат.

ı шяıте poıитless sтояıеs аиძ uიიесеssaяч fаиfıстюи.

ı ам а меgа вıтсн™.

ı lıке:
▪saılоя моои (вотн аяе ряеттч сооl)
▪нетаlıa (kinda)
▪suрея lоvеяs
▪тне сяоши
▪ძостоя шно
▪тееи тıтаиs (ояıgıиаl)
▪gоие sеяıеs
▪оие рuисн
▪сатs (мusıcal & aиıмаl)
▪рнаитом оf тне ореяа


"You may be verified on Twitter,
But are you verified in the eyes of

G O D?"



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I don't follow back a lot, but if we can get to know each other I gladly will!

I have other accounts on here, which is a light regret because I also have the worst motivation to log on to even one.
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