I never wrote anything abt myself here and since everyone have done imma do it too :)

🌹Well I've been in the 1D fandom for a year and a half and I still don't know how I still manage to keep myself mentally stable.

🌹I'm prolly the biggest Larry shipper (used to be a zarry but don't judge me I was young and stupid) and I'm here on watty mainly for them lmao

🌹I really suggest you to read the Larry fics in my library cuz they're just *chef's kiss*

🌹My favs are:
✨ Unbelievers: 👏best👏fic👏ever👏
✨Young & beautiful: this really fucked me up badly but it's worth it
✨Taming mr. Tomlinson: I've re-read it like thousands times it's amazing

🌹I believe in ✨ toplinson supremacy✨ and harry is a power bottom (I'm ready to fight who says otherwise)

🌹I use this emoji ✨ quite a lot lmao

🌹My fav 1D members are Nialler and Tommo but I'm an ot5 so I Stan them all equally

🌹Fav 1D album: MM / MITAM
Fav 1D song: I wanna write you a song (atm)
Fav solo album: hbw but I really love walls and Icarus falls too
Fav solo song: Fine Line / Change

✅Ok enough talking abt those five.

🌺My hobbies are eating and sleeping

🌺I support LGBT community🌈🏳

🌺I like to tpwk but sometimes I ask Niall to hold it for me so I could do it in the ✨tommo way✨

🌺I hate my life and bottomlinson (ew)

🌺I love maze runner


And that's it I guess hihi

⚠️PS. If you ever bump into Louis fucking Tomlinson in the streets pls tell him to post a selfie (thank you)
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Louis Tomlinson is straight by LaDarcyDeiLarents
Louis Tomlinson is straight
basically a bunch of reasons why I think Louis Tomlinson is straight. enjoy!!
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