Ah... How long has it been since I last updated...


Hi uh I know it seems ridiculous to fall so madly in love with a fictional character but I did it, with Lia (I even refer to her as Peppermint Lia), and after reading this fic, I cannot stop thinking about her. It really led me into suddenly whisper-screaming "I miss you" several times in the middle of the night because I was re-reading the fic (specifically on that RyuJisu confession chapter). I was scolded by my mum after though, she thought I was talking to someone on my phone (haha). Anyway, phew, I know you're younger than me but the way you story-tell and convey the emotions in this story is just really amazing, I truly adore your work. Keep it up author-nim! No rush on the updates, and you've been doing so well. Take care and be well x