I'm 25 and I am from AZ but we move a lot because we're a military family.
We now have 3 kids, a baby kinda keeps me busy and due to some hardships I found it hard to update for a good long while. It isn't fair and I'm sorry for my
readers. But here I am and prepared to finish what I started.

I love to read, and enjoy writing but only as
a hobby.
I will read just about anything/everything!
I also love music, it was a huge part of my
life until we started moving around.
Since writing is a hobby I write when I can
but am more of an extreme bookworm than a real writer in my opinion.

BE PATIENT AND I'LL <3 YOU and truly apprciate your understanding.
I'm also willing to help with some editing if you ask nicely =)
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    Virginia Beach, Virginia
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LRuiz88 LRuiz88 Oct 15, 2012 08:13PM
so i had to delete a story. Remember my laptop was stolen? YEa... had most of my writing in it so i'm going to have to restart A gamble Patron shots and Butterflies... i may post it again sometime ne...
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