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My name is Dina. I discovered Wattpad back in 2009 and I've been addicted since.
It was one of the happiest days of my life because I love to read and seeing that anyone can post their stories on here is what really amazed me.

I do covers in my spare time, so hit me up in the PM if you need one.

Thanks for stopping by! xx :)
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Description: Collection of some short stories I've written back in High School in English class, and will possibly include some recent work.. As soon as I write it :)))

I live in Dubai.. After 12 years, I've gotten used to the heat. Just recently it was 55 degrees celsius. I bet this is what hell feels like hahahaha but I gotta admit, seeing it all being built over the years, it is a very beautiful city. Kinda bored of living here now since I've practically seen everything and been everywhere.

You should check out Kite Beach in the evening and go to Salt there. They have awesome burgers. And if you have time and don't mind driving for like 2 hrs then there is an awesome car museum in Abu Dhabi, the desert side nowhere close to the city, kinda like a hidden treasure, not even a lot of people here know about it. Makes for a good roadtrip. Hope you have a great time here :)