LJ Cohen is the writing persona of Lisa Janice Cohen, poet, novelist, blogger, local food enthusiast, Doctor Who fan, and relentless optimist. Lisa lives just outside of Boston with her husband, teenage sons, two dogs (only one of which actually ever listens to her) and the occasional international student. When not doing battle with a stubborn Jack Russell Terrier mix, Lisa is hard at work finishing her next novel.

You can connect with LJ via her blog: http://ljcbluemuse.blogspot.com, her website: http://www.ljcohen.net, and all the usual social media outlets http://www.ljcohen.net/contact.html
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LJCohen LJCohen Mar 30, 2013 09:32PM
2 chapters of a new story went live today. :) 
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Future Tense

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Description: In the ten years since his parents died in a fire he predicted but couldn't prevent, seventeen year old Matt is trying to stay out of trouble, biding his time until he graduates and ages out of foster care. Al...


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Oathbreaker's Price

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Four teens. Four reasons to escape Daedalus Station--the dead end outpost of far flung empire. One derel...

THE BETWEEN chapter 1

THE BETWEEN chapter 1

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