Hey all, hope you're doing well! Just popping in to say I've finished drafting a new book, a young adult mystery/thriller about a group of high achieving Asian Americans that's like ONE OF US IS LYING x EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU, and also PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. When the top ranked junior at Warren Heights Prep goes missing, her high achieving circle of friends become the prime suspects.
          	I'm seeking beta readers, so please let me know if you're interested! Comment below or PM! Thank you <3


DEFINITELY too late to beta read it, but was wondering what the title of the book is, so that when it’s released (or if it already has), I can pick it up! Love all of your work, it’s inspiring and awesome!


@LB_Jade i would love to read it


@LB_Jade This is sooooo late but is it too late to be one? 


hello! i hope you're doing well. just stopping by to say that i really like your books & i hope you have a good day :)


hii just wondering do you stan gfriend? since eunha is in one of your book covers I figured you would like them as well hah