Hello! This account is for everyone
to share their writing skills.When
you look below, you will notice the
books that are posted.They are
not only mine though. Some of
my fans and sometimes strangers,
have written a chapter for one of
these books. If you are interested
in writing a chapter for me then
feel free to inbox me before you
write. I will say below if someone
is currently writing a chapter for
any of the books.You will have 3 '
weeks to finish the chapter or you
will lose your turn to write a chapter.
Please pick any book you are
interested in writing for but be sure
to read the whole book before you
begin to write so you will know what
has already been done and about the
characters.When you are done writing
a chapter, tell me. I will post it, then
dedicate the chapter to you. On the title
of the chapter, i will say
"Written by (Your username)"
The books will stay on only THIS account.
So, please inbox me if interested :) bye.


[-] Means "Waiting for a writer"
[✔] Means "Chapter being written"

[-] The Secret Superstar
[-] The Bet
[-] Change
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L0V3ILY L0V3ILY Apr 07, 2016 03:10AM
            Hello! As you may already know, 
            I have deleted my past books and instead, 
            made this account for everyone 
            to share their writing skills. When 
            you look at my page, you will notice th...
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The Bet

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Description: School is always boring when you are anything besides popular. That is, until a new hot guy arrives at Birchmore high school that had every girl in the school drooling over him. Also including the group who al...


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