my goals but u probably don't care and yet ur reading this anyway u lovable twat:
1. finish my uber long drawing list
2. make a band b4 I get out of high school. I like to sing so yeah and I haven't really revealed my talent yet...
3. become the first short androgynous female model. why? cuz I wanna know what its like to cross-dress and look awesome doing it. plus I have a very, very, very......VERY small bust. sooo I'm good for boy clothes!

Strange facts bout' me:
1. luv talkin about boobs! dunno why...its either that or sayin some freaky nasty shtuff <3
2. always make theories on how i react if i met a person that look just like my drawings
3. have 2 have some form o' sound on when imma sleep. if not, i end up with freaky nightmares. they always stop right b4 i die O.o
4. i can make the simplest word or most g-rated pic into somethin uber disgusting. its a gift ;3

fave anime/manga genres:
yaoi (if u dun likey then GTFO ma profile u homophobic weirdo! jk but seriously...i dont wanna hear yo complaints about it)
slice of life
pretty much all except hentai n yuri. yuri freaks me out =w= and hentai gives me the chills

sayings im most likely gonna say:
"I refuse!"
"I'm not a lady."
"too far..."
you have now entered my jumbled up, twisted, evil, complicated, crazy, childish, rediculous brain. waaa~...good luck. for lookin at this u get ma luvins n a cookie.

phrase of the year: "Pure art exists on the level of instant
response to pure life." ~Keith Haring
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KyuubiYuki KyuubiYuki 4 days ago
I keep looking through all the stories I'm working on and my brain's all like "Dude! We should totally make more!"
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