this is the link for chapter 401 to chapter 600 legend of the mythlogical genes


Thank you for adding SCP {The SCP That United Them All}  to your reading list, I hope you enjoy! Also, I would like to tell you, Deadpool Vs. The SCP Universe & SCP Copycat have began uploading, please feel free to check them out!


I really enjoyed the story on mythological genes; sadly, the progress of the story was cut right away. Although the ending could have already been anticipated through the desire of the protagonist to get stronger and stronger, the author could have just plotted more twists to make the story more interesting. Honestly, I was initially looking forward to the battles of the different Cosmos universities. 


can someone tell me where i can find the sequel to legend of the mythological gene the "mythological cultivation"? 


@hatdog_hotdog just search the title in Google you'll find website's to read many novels


@hatdog_hotdog  same problem with me