Every pain in your chest, every break of your heart makes you a stronger person...you need only survive the pain to realize it. —Unknown 

The heart wants, what the heart wants; and it'll have it as long as you don't let the mind intrude on your happiness, logic has no place in love. —Unknown

I want to make all your dreams come true...even if it takes the rest of my life living connected to you. Unknown

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Stories by Kuubat
Healer of the Marr (Lesbian Story) The Unlikely Monarch Series Book 3 by Kuubat
Healer of the Marr (Lesbian Story) The Unlikely Monarch Series Book 3 Fantasy
I'm going to turn Farrah-hari...I'm going to turn and lead them away. I want you to leap from my back and keep running. If you should think of me, think of my bravery and carry it in your heart. If you should think...
(Rewritten) Words: A Gift or A Curse by Kuubat
(Rewritten) Words: A Gift or A Curse Fantasy
Words Rewritten, in what I believe is a more fantastic tale. I left the other up fpr those who enjoy it. We use them every day, we write them out, we speak them aloud; through them we express our emotions: anger...
The Backwards Magician by Kuubat
The Backwards Magician Fantasy
In the Jadori line, magic runs on the male side of the family, passed from father to first born son. Well that is until Jamie Marie comes along, daughter instead of son, born second not first, gifted with her fathe...
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