Every pain in your chest, every break of your heart makes you a stronger person...you need only survive the pain to realize it. —Unknown 

The heart wants, what the heart wants; and it'll have it as long as you don't let the mind intrude on your happiness, logic has no place in love. —Unknown

I want to make all your dreams come true...even if it takes the rest of my life living connected to you. Unknown

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Stories by Kuubat
The Queen's Garden Mage (Lesbian Story) by Kuubat
The Queen's Garden Mage (Lesbian Story) Fantasy
Rhyme has worked as one of the Queen's Gardener's for much of her life. She's perfected her gift while keeping it a secret from those who would use it for nefarious purposes. Everything changes when Princess Adri p...
Words: A Gift or a Curse (Lesbian Story) (Editing) by Kuubat
Words: A Gift or a Curse (Lesbian Story) (Editing) Fantasy
We use them every day, we write them out, we speak them aloud; through them we express our emotions: anger, happiness, joy, depression, love, hate and so much more. Every time we use them we tell a story of our tho...
Without Wings by Kuubat
Without Wings Fantasy
A girl without wings...
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