Hi Everyone my name is Kristin and I just LOVE books or stories! I don't call myself a writer I'm more of a reader but i do write short stories and other things like that but i rather read than write because I like to see where books and stories take me!! So i hope we can talk about books or other things that are going on in life Peace! 

Things to know about Me:
I am a frequent watcher and lover of TWD, I never miss a episode. I'm also a Oncer too. I'm a Potterhead. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. I love Christmas and Halloween.
I share the love of Star Wars with my dad. I love all things Pumpkin Spice in the Fall. I love all things Disney ever since I was a kid. I'm a Royal Family watcher, I watch all things Royal Family. I'm a Gleek. I love YouTube. My all time favorite Youtuber is Ihascupquake. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Pisces. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus, I watch it all the time in the Fall. I love to swim in the Summer. I love Instant Picture cameras like Polaroids. My all time favorite show is Charmed, I watch it every single day. I think they are part of the OG of Witches before any other ones.

My Fandoms:
Game Of Thrones
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Black Butler
The Vampire Diaries
Life Is Strange
Once Upon A Time
The Wolf Among Us
Walking Dead game & t.v. show
Girl Meets World
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
Gravity Falls
Avatar:The Last Airbender
Legend Of Korra
Liv And Maddie
Austin & Ally
The Tudors
The Royals
Night At The Museum
Kingdom Hearts
Archie Comics

My Fiction Boyfriends:
Han Solo
Rick Grimes
Damon Salvatore
Daryl Dixon
Stefan Salvatore
Peeta Mellark
Gale Hawthorne
Finn Hudson
Draco Malfoy
Jacob Black
Bill Cipher
Garrett Denali
Anakin Skywalker
Bigby Wolf(TWAU)
Sebastian Michaelis
Harry Potter
Carl Grimes
Luke Skwalker
Any Male Avenger
Poe Dameron
Kylo Ren/Ben Solo(even though i hate him for killing Han, i love him for his looks and his insecurity)
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