@LitzyBeeVader I was a freshman in high school when I bought Is This It, which really shaped my music tastes from then on. Talk about a year of change.


I remember you from inkpop! And I've been meaning to read Fallouts. Now, I can, yay! :)
          I think we'd talked a few times on inkpop. I was Aleisha Walker on there.


Hey, I have two questions: 
          1) Where did you get your tumblr theme (because it's awesome and I wanttt~)?
          2) Is it free (because I'm broke)?


Thank you so much for the comment! I'm glad you liked it! I really liked yours too! It's such a cool idea. I'm gonna have to get back to it later.


Saw your post in the forums. Just stopping by to say, I knew the moment you used the word "swap" that you were a fellow inkie. 

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