u rly dont needa know me so i aint gonna put anythang personal here. 
i lik dogs, not cats. i hate cats. wat is the purpose of them. they scrach u and leave u bleeding, and if u die they will eat u. wat kinda pet is that!
i hate chocalate. it just taste funky to me. ewwww
betty boop is the hero of evrybody.
i live under ur bed so can u please clean it because it rly stinks downhere! plzzzz:D
how would a bee react to a bear tryin to steal his honey?
and i defiantly invented the biscuit eating bulldog thang on that commerical. i mean i said bulldog eating biscuit, but they decided that it was too imaginary and switched the words. stupid directors! *shakes head*
anyway kay bye tata:D
by the way i am ur mother!!!! ahhhhhh:D
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    in a random barn:D
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    Oct 19, 2010 02:48AM
KristenLuvsYou KristenLuvsYou Dec 02, 2010 02:07AM
@NinaJFall Haha yea urs was lik freakin awesum but ya need write moreeeeeeee:)
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