over some time i have been looking for a place where i can develop my creative juices in writing now I have found such a place and the talent here is really impressive. I am to ppl a bit quiet but i actually have a personality that bubbles forth like a volcano and i tend to be very expressive when i speak to others. No biggy with that cause it is fun to be who you are. 

I like alternative rock some of my favorites are linkin park, evanescense, three doors down etc
i like to dance so going to a party is fine with me once you don't carry me to a crazy place.
I love to sing even though my brother would differ cause he thinks i croak like a frog ( but that's not true i think he is just jealous) and i tend to laugh a lot. I LOVE KFC, i don't know why but it smells good even if it is death in a box lol. :) :) :) :D
Hope you enjoy reading my work of art as some may call it and don't be afraid to critique me i love the help but don't be mean cause i won't listen. PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS.

Yours truly,
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KoreenDesVignes KoreenDesVignes Jul 21, 2011 02:38PM
@greenwriter Np I really enjoy your writin and I said to myself that I hv to add this person so yh no problem keep up with such amazing writing though
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