Hey cuties! ^_^

That's right you're adorable :3

Thanks a bunch for reading my stories you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for doing so. Many people tell me I can't write and that I should give up, but I ignore them and come here. Writing is my life. Without it I would have no way to express myself.

Right now I am completely obsessed with Sherlock Holmes AND the new Spiderman. I mean he is just mouthwatering. :> YUMMY!

I also apologize for not updating. School has been demanding and I do drama club and such making me unable to update. PLUS I have this annoying writers block that doesn't help at all. :'( BOO HOO

Hehe :3 Thank you wonderful people for reading my stories and just for being you. Have a cookie. That's right all yours just take it. Your welcome love. <3
█▌ ♥ █▌
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Lifes too short to go by the rules!!

"If you can dream it,
You can do it."
~Walt Disney
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KookieLuver KookieLuver Oct 21, 2012 04:33PM
I'm sorry for never updating it's all my fault I probably won't update for a long time so I'm super duper sorry :((
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