Hey, I'm Zoë (not of the Nightshade kind)! I'm a fangirl, proud and true, and I particularly obsess over Les Mis and Percy Jackson. I'm a daughter of Hades, Slytherin, Shadowhunter, Sanctuary Mage, and possessor of a fabulous vocabulary. Read my stories, lovelies, because you're wonderful and I know you will. So, here's to you, and here's to me....

(Profile picture is of Keoladeo National Park, and I found it on NatGeo's website, background by RadoJavor on deviantART)
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I just want to let you all know that I am taking all my works off of Wattpad for copyright reasons. You can still access them on Figment.com if you search Enspirited. Sorry to all my readers!! 
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Description: Amidst the swirling skirts and merry laughter of a regular court masquerade, a more serious plot works its way through the wings, though nothing quite ends as planned. (Short Story, guys, it's totally done.) ...


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'It had started with land, as these things do...' When a king of Cerysen dies, the throne, by royal la...

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