Hi everyone!!! Let me start off by saying I'm so sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER!! I hate it. When I started writing BTAM and HIS I loved it, I wrote literally every day and had a new chapter equally as fast. Now I have other things to occupy my time and honestly, I find it hard to write. I want to update, I really really do. I will try and work on writing this week if I can. No promises. 
          	Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck by me and continued to read my stories even though I haven't been able to write. You guys are amazing! I love you guys! I'll try and update when I can :) 
          	Katy xo


@Knotphjtfenotpo :( we've been waiting for so long and I love HIS so much please update soon


@Knotphjtfenotpo can u please just tell me if u are ever going to finish what u have started so I can move on and stop waiting x


well i'm just glad you haven't decided to abandon HIS and still trying to update. which is the best that we can ask for. Anyways really love HIS, its quickly becoming a favorite of mine :) and good luck trying to update!


I think there will be no updates of the stories coz it has been too long since she has been activated or operates wattpad...


Please please update soon !!  I love how it said so much it hurts that u just stop updating. Please update!!