Alright let's see my name is Aurora and I love reading, writing, football (American football not soccer lol) I have an obsession with Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and AVPM/AVPS (if you haven't seen this and are a Harry potter fan go watch it on YouTube!! Ps it is really inappropriate (swearing and other....stuff....) sooo yeah. I'm gonna post a song of the day hopefully everyday lol I got this idea from @amesco love her stories!!! So go read them!! Here are some of my other favorite authours on wattpad : @bettyboo125bo, @kirsty1000, and then there is one of my favorite stories which is The Heir!!! Alright well read my stories (or what I have so far) I'm working on another story which I haven't posted yet but it should be up by next month :)
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I UPLOADED CHAPTER 6!!!!!!! READ IT NOW!!! Oh and please read my little authors note at the top it's important
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Description: What happens in the Haunted House stays in the Haunted House Are you brave enough to face these dangers? Only you can know. Read at your own risk.

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I Love You To Death, Literally.

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