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Fabulous! Amazing! The first two lied.
Hi um welcome to my account.
I'm a black girl trying to make a difference and I honestly enjoy a lot of things..
The things below are things I've updated and changed,because you know people change over the years and either become more idiotic or gain intelligence.
I've probably gained a bit of both.
But anyways, continuing on.

Loves Fandoms such as; PERCY Jackson, Miraculous Ladybug, Voltron legendary defender and more!

My favorite Youtuber is CoryxKenshin
My favorite song is Rockabye by Clean Bandit/Sean Paul/Ann Marie
I have many ships! Percabeth, Ladynoir, spideytorch, klance
Many many fandoms, I will not name them all
I love turtles! If you couldn't tell
I can eat a whole buffet, I love the color blue.
Seriously that color is amazing!
My favorite web series is Most Popular Girls in School

I have yet to read HARRY Potter but I was bored so, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin, my Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie, and my wand is Black Walnut wood with a dragon heartstring core 12 1/2" and Unyielding flexibility

Check out my Sisters Account: @IzzieDemands

Joint Accounts: @ILikeFandom @NinjaAndChihuahua

Other Account[s]: @Kwami_Kiwi

Wattpad Job: @PJO-Magazine

Respect the ships!
No Bullying!
LGBT+ rights! {think of it as a happy play ground]
Black Lives Matter!
(We are not saying that everyone does not matter. Everyone does but we couldn't help but see that our brothers and sisters were being unjustifiably murdered or harmed for something they did not commit. The only reason #Alllivesmater exist is so its to silence us, it was created by the whites to silence us as we speak out)
(Feminism is a represent of equality for everyone.)

Have a nice time with the rest of your day and I hope you recognize why I support what I support.
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