Hey guys! My name's Kat! I've been on Wattpad for 2 years now. I've met lots of awesome people who I admire a lot. And you all help me grow actually. I've become a better writer and maybe even a better person. I know I don't update much, but I'm working on that. Ok, so first things first, hahaha song reference, I named an OC after me. Yeah sure it may sound weird, but it's true. I have an entire family of OC's, and they are all my daughters and sons. I'm your average bullied high school girl, well, verbally anyway. But, wanna know something cool? God calls me Judah, which means praise, and my name, not Kat, but my real name, means anointed one. Pretty cool right? Yeah, I'm a Christian and I'm proud to be one. I love music a lot. If you were to play Christian music, and some pop, I bet you I could name the artist and the song. I've grown up pretty optimistic, but if you want to know my story, I just might make it a book. Who knows I just might. Ok ok ok, yeah I need to get on with it I know. I'm on like 24/7, and if you ever wanna message me, feel free to. I'm open minded, and I try to be there for people in need. List time because I don't know why, but I'm becoming uncomfortable somehow.

1. I am female
2. I love playing games
3. I have a Discord and Skype account
4. I don't have a dad anymore
5. I love FNAF
6. I love anime
7. I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
8. I am sensitive
9. I love cartoons
10. I enjoy reading and writing
11. I'm really childish
12. I don't have many people in real life that I consider true friends
13. I am in a relationship
14. If people hate me it isn't my business, but if it's over something stupid then I'll just start acting weird probably or something.
15. I'm tired of getting bullied
16. I love Aphmau, she is my favorite YouTuber ❤❤❤❤
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Hey you guys. I have noticed that discord is becoming VERY popular, seeing as I use it basically 24/7. I decided to make a discord for it. Sure there are other discords like it, but it's just if you...
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