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➤I mean it 
          Read it all
          If you were killed,I wouldn't be at your funeral
          I'd be in jail for killing the person who killed you
          We are true friends
          We ride together,we die together
          Send this to everybody you care about including me
          See how many times you get this 
          If you get this back I understand
          But this is a game for you 
          Once you read this letter, You must send this to 15 people you love
          If you get atleast 3, you are loved
          Nobody knows how important something,someone, is until you lose it
          Midnight(right at 12:00 am) the person you love will realize they love you
          Then at 1:00 am to 2:00 am,be ready for the shock of your life
          If you break this chain,you will have bad luck
          A friend told me to do this so I pasted it on
          Who knows maybe tomorrow,two boys / girls will ask 'Can I have your number'
          Send this to 15 nice people or bad luck will strike for a year 
          This is not fake
          (Sorry not taking any chances)


Hi! I'm here to say that I love your books. I recently just started reading them and is already on chapter like 26, I'd like to hear more of your books and get to see them on the home page!!!


You WE'RE my go to author but now i have reformed.please dont leave me i love you and will always will.please dont leave and no bully