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Here are some things about me
• I love music
• I dislike country music
• I'm a she
• I love candy
• I love apple juice, cookies and cake
• My favorite colors/shade is Black and crimson
• I love Disney/Pixar movies
• I don't really have a favorite movie I just have movies that I don't like
•I love Winnie The Pooh
•I'm the oldest of 4 but act like the youngest apparently(truth)
•I have a Chihuahua,Rockweiler,Turtle,fish, and a bunny
•I'm small my height is 4'11
•I'm a lonely lone loner (get the reference)
•I hate people who judge people without knowing them
•I hate people who put other people down
•I despise bullies
•I despise a person who thinks that telling someone to end their life is okay
• I'm band trash
• I'm trash for a lot of YouTubers
• I'm basically I trash can
• I'm in so many fandoms if I list them it would be well over 2000 characters
• I love animals
• Lilo and Stitch (Even the sequels)
• I like to write but I will never publish it because it's horrible
• I like to swim
• Andy Biersack is an angle (I feel like that word isn't enough to describe him though)
• Tyler and Josh are smol beans and little cinnamon buns
• Bob Morley
• Dan and Phil are precious people who need to be protected at all costs
• I'm a whore for shipping people
• I love to read (I mean obviously this entire app is about reading/writing)
• I'm blunt and will tell it how it is even if it hurts your feelings
•I have lots of stuffies and love them a lot
•I have lots of toys and love them a lot
•I'm not gonna say my age because there are creeps out there
•If you don't like what you've read so far then leave because my tolerance for bull shit is low and I will not hesitate to Pop and Bop bitch mkay
•I have no life what so ever
•I'm a fan girl obviously
•I believe in mythical creatures(unicorns will always be real if you think differently fite me)
•I like to cook and bake
Well if I think of more things to add then I'll add it.
•Pastel bish
Bye 😽🖤
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