Hai, I'm Benz.
Fandoms: so Many, but my main ones are:
Steven Universe
We bare bears
And I'm starting to get into Gravity Falls

taken by @DrAbnormal


Spiritual Satanist

Bands and cats are love.

Bands I listen to:
Sleeping with sirens
Pierce the veil
And lots of others ^~^

Normal people: Think that Harry Styles is Cute
Warriors Fans: Know that Bramblestar is Cuter!
Normal people: Name their cats after movie stars
Warriors Fans: Name their cats after warriors
Normal people: Call them kittens
Warriors Fans: Call them kits (Even though I'm not MeHazKit)
Normal people: Say, He's bald!
Warriors Fans: Say, It's Rock!
Normal people: Think that cool powers are telekenesis or flying
Warriors Fans: Think that super senses, Dream walking, and invincibility are better
Normal people: would call warrior fans insane nerds.
Warriors Fans: Would take that as a compliment.
Normal People: Play catch
Warrior Fans: Play mossball
Normal People: Think that clans of cats are insane
Warrior Fans: Wish they could be in a clan
Normal People: Call them inches, feet, yards, and meters
Warrior Fans: Call them mouselengths, taillengths, foxlengths, and treelengths
Normal People: Wouldn't put this on their profile
Warrior Fans: Are copying and pasting right now
-------------/\___/\ If you love Warriors,
------------(---W---) copy and paste!
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hey guys... if you live in or near Fort Morgan Colorado...,. go to the play at the highschool tonight.... its the brothers grimm spectactulathon!! one show tonight at 7 nd two tomorrow at 2 and 7...
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