i like cookies and unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!! and my friends say that im sorta a creeper...lol i wonder what that means! Jk!! I just like making weird faces and voices, i think Im a perfect, important, kind, exceptional, awsome, funny, extrodinary, sweet, shining, caring, beautiful, original and modest. thats what i believe and don't forget it!

I get easily distracted in writing my story and i have bad grammer, i know it so if you have problems with it deal with it, cuz if i focus on the grammer then the story will never be finished

anywhoo...stuff about me:

I LOOOOVE talking about cookies, don't ask why cuz i really don't know myself

I am a huge romance story fan, sappy ones too

I listen to a lot of soundtrack music, but also alternative, so if you want songs to go with the chapters then dont expect a lot of popular songs.

I may love fiction romance stories, but my all time fave book id Lone Survivor about a Navy Seal trying to survive out in Afganistan, so don't anyone dare to write anything bad about the soldiers.

Also I like to debate, whether i'm right or wrong.
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Against All Odds Adventure
When Humans, Shifters, the Balaur, and the Dhaoine Farraige were barely coexisting, an alien force invades Minael everything is thrown into chaos. After desperately fighting back, the Minael races came together and...
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