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☆H e y p e r f e c t !☆

The names Kat...currently, at least. If you knew me, you'd know my name crisis that goes on everyday, lmfao. I'm 17, love reading, writing and... pretty much anything with creativity and having to invest myself into it, haha. Writing poetry really isn't my thing, even though I do it. Having said that, I don't think writing stories is my thing either, but my friends and family pushed me towards doing this, saying I'm a good writer (even though thats what friends and family are supposed to say). Whatever the ultimate reason may be...here I am! ;D

This will be new for me -- letting other people read my stories and poems... Please be kind, yet helpful, when you comment or rate my pieces. Zero advice given is worse than harsh criticism, in my eyes. So, if what you're reading sucks, tell me. I'd love to know how to fix it.

With nothing further to add, I hope you enjoy my short stories as much as i have.
Thank you!

Please leave comments! :D

&&& Feel free to ask me to read your stories! I would love to anytime, just ask! :)

★~G O A L S for a book~★
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KitKatKaity KitKatKaity Apr 29, 2015 07:08PM
Chapter One to Celestial Circumstances is up. I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd read it. Thank you! c:
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