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Random things about me:
I'm 20.
I'm always drinking coffee.
Damon Salvatore is my dream guy.
Favorite bands are Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey.

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The Deal Taker (Book III)

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Description: *Read "The Deal Maker" and "The Deal Breaker" First* Joanna Garth's life has never been normal. It wasn't normal when she was raised an abusive home. It wasn't normal when she spent her teen years drinking and doing drugs. It wasn't normal when she...

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The Deal Breaker (Book II)

The Deal Breaker (Book II)

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*Book Two in the "Deal Maker" series* Joanna definitely hasn't and doesn't have the perfect life. Afte...

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The Deal Maker (Book I)

The Deal Maker (Book I)

66.6K 3.1K 258

*Book One in the "Deal Maker" series and available on Smashwords and iTunes!* Joanna has never been gre...

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The Creation (Book III)

The Creation (Book III)

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*Book Three in the "Possessive Creator" series* After the death of her creator and lover, Xavier, Lucy...

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The Possessive Creator (Book I)

The Possessive Creator (Book I)

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*Book One in the "Possessive Creator" series* Lucy has been fearfully running from her creator for alm...

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All your works are masterpieces  Joanna is my inspiration and I shall forever be thankful for writing such a story that changed my life. I really admire you, wherever you are. God bless.
chelseanovo posted a message to Kissmeyoufool
pleasiiiii update the deal taker3 pleaseeeeeee pretty please with bacon on the top 
      jejejjee did u get it bacon becuase he gave her bacon jejeje no okay... 
Hello, everyone!
      I am alive!
      I'm so sorry to keep coming and going on you all. I keep promising to post soon and then something happens and I get stuck. I definitely owe an explanation. I've recently gotten through a tough semester in college with crazy tough classes and working. On top of that I've been college searching (transferring from a tiny community college to a large University is a little scary) and dealing with phone calls, appointments, paperwork, and so many decisions to make that I've been super stressed over it all. I've never stopped thinking about writing. Not once. In fact, I was at work just sitting at the desk thinking of how Joanna would do at my job and how she'd answer phone calls or deal with grumpy people. Not well, I believe. Pretty sure she'd have had someone in a headlock by noon. 
      Anyway, I just wanted to share my little life update just to let you all know why I've been absent on and off. Right now I'm taking a summer course while working, but I'll be done with my job by the end of June, so I'm hoping to finally get some free time! :')
      Thank you all for the supportive messages and comments and even asking for updates. It makes me smile to see people actually liking what I do. ❤️
      Love you all!