Hi! I'm Kirstenonic05! 
I'm a fan of many games and I read many fanfics!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/vAEbczd

@Urban_Pop_Miku is my lovely sister. :)

@XxMalia02xX is my BFF

My irl friends are:
@StrawBe2 (He's a rlly good guy)
@ClassicRockLover04 (Very musical!!!)

My online friends are:

About Me:
¤Gender: Female¤
¤Age: -ErROr- AGe noT FOunD¤
¤Relationship status: Single¤
¤Crush: None¤
¤Likes: Her sister (NOT LIKE THAT), friends, music, Wattpad, video games, cats, etc.¤
¤Dislikes: Needles (I'm a little... traumatised) blood, people not excepting opinions, etc.¤
¤Favourite Colours: Purple, Aqua and Dark Blue.¤
¤Favourite food:Sushi or Dumplings.¤
¤Favorite animal: Cat/Hedgehog.¤


Fandoms I am in: (The first three are in order of my favourites the rest are random)

Sonic The Hedgehog (STH)
Kid Icarus (KI)
Evillious Chronicles (EC)
A Hat in Time (AHiT)
Undertale (UT)
The Legend Of Zelda (TLOZ/LOZ)
Hyrule Warrio- Wait that's Loz
Pokémon (PKMN)
Monster Hunter (MH)
Megaman (MM)
Megaman X (MMX)
Voltron Legendary Defender (VLD)
Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project (Kagepro)
Minecraft, I guess (MC)
Seven Deadly Sins (SDS/Nanatsu no Taizai)
Pandora Hearts (PH)
...There maybe more but I can't think of any others. The rest are miscellaneous games.

🎹🎵Music and Piano is my life!!! 🎶

Everyone has their own thoughts, likes, dislikes, and opinions. Don't judge anyone by what they like or what they look like.

My favourite Wattpad book is Seven Crimes and Punishment-living together by @TomboyJessie13

Images used:
Profile pic: Belongs to original artist. The art isn't mine.

Back image: From the song Narcissistic Unision by Wonderful☆Opportunity

Main Books:
Kagamine Ink
9 Chapters, 1 Draft(s)

If you have read my entire Bio, thank you. It means a lot to me.
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