I'm embarrassed to say that I'm playing Pokemon Go and that I actually enjoy it...


its lil sad that you deleted your stories i really wanted to read if i could fly but as long as your happy with what you do its alright =)


I hope you find whatever makes you happy. We love you a lot. Glad you were apart of the fandom, please don’t delete your books. I admire them 


You’re a fantastic writer! Don’t give up! If u wanna chat, then please do! U seem like a awesome person to chill with. Love your stories! B!H rules! Larry’s real M8 


Larry is in closet which is made of glass, everyone can see it but they can't get out? Don't you think? ;), i think you are very talented i like your Larry's stories and i also ship dastiel, love you very much, i am reading only your Larries, don't stop writing you are amazing