Hey, people! Kirky here. I’m an editor, university student and former Inkie. RIP, Inkpop. So long and thanks for all the fish, HC. We all love red herrings.

Pretty dormant when at uni. More active when home and I do come on about once a day to reply to messages and read comments (and stalk my favourite books) wherever I am, so do message me!

I read a fair amount on here, but something has to seriously impress me for me to vote for it. As in, something I’d pay for because I think it’s publishable (even if it’s one chapter out of hundreds). But I’m also a stickler for grammar, so unless a chapter blows me away, I’m unlikely to vote unless the grammar is practically flawless.

If I really enjoy a book, I’ll put it on a reading list. If it’s in the one entitled “I recommend reading these because they’re awesome”, it’s worth checking out.

I don’t do read for reads, and I don’t read on request either. This is because I don’t have time to. Also, I’m a critic monster and a grammar Nazi. I suspect a lot of you wouldn’t like me critiquing your work as, when I critique, I analyse pretty much every word you use. Unless you can take it and are prepared to do the same in return, it’s probably not worth asking me for a read for read. Besides, if I want to read something, I’ll go find it on my own. I have my own tastes in books, and reading is my downtime.

I also don’t appreciate people asking me to update, so here are the ETAs for updates so you don’t have to nag:

~ Finished! ~ Totally uploaded including appendices and entered for the Hotkey Young Writers Prize! Please support it by voting on the first chapter and spreading the word!
HUMAN JACKPOT~ On holiday ~ Chapter 6 now up ~ Next update: Oct. 15th
HOW NOT TO ASSASSINATE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE~ On holiday ~ Next update: Oct. 29th

P.S. Any other K-pop fans out there?
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Description: If you want to be a doctor, you go away and learn about how the human body functions. If you want to be an architect, you learn about the laws of physics, different sorts of materials, and how to design. If you want to be an author, you should kno...

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Plan B

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Plan A might have been just as dangerous as the police insisted it was safe. It involved being locked a...

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Human Jackpot

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Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Thirty-three

Spaghetti carbonara is known under various different names - it's probably more accurate as spaghetti alla carbonara, but I've seen it on menus in restaurants as spaghetti a la carbonara.  It's Italian (which is why 'alla' is more accurate), but the 'a la' is probably French.  So no, I'm not trying to make the dish sound Spanish.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Epilogue

I'm glad you liked it so much!
      Unfortunately, it'll need to be at least half the length before it's a marketable book.  We'll have to see what happens.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Twenty-one

I can't see exactly which part this comment is pertaining to (because Wattpad isn't showing the quotes), but the thing about Selena and Brookie is that she was insecure and she started to get emotionally manipulative.
      Also, maybe it was just the way you phrased it, but I disagree with the principle that a boyfriend should make somebody confident because it implies that you're nothing without a romantic other half, or that you can't feel confident without one/be validated without one.  Confidence is internal.  People should be able to find confidence without needing to rely on a romantic other for it, though having their confidence boosted by being surrounded by wonderful people is of course great.
Kirkinator commented on Plan B - Chapter Twenty

If you're telling me that as a human being you've never done something wrong or vindictive in your life, I'm not going to believe you.
      Fran isn't supposed to be perfect.  If she was, I would have written her as a complete Mary Sue.  Everybody does something awful at some point in their life.  Fifteen/sixteen-year-olds are not renowned for making the greatest life choices.  When I wrote her character, I didn't set out to write one that was likeable from all points of view.  I set out to explore depression and anxiety disorder (though Fran's is more panic disorder), both of which I have had and was suffering from very badly at the time (though I am now better).  I don't know if you've ever had them, but they do alter your perspective on life, and that can sometimes be scary.
      (Also, the implications are that Brookie's in a pretty unhealthy relationship with Selena, since she's being very emotionally manipulative with him, and also that Fran wasn't exactly the most pleasant of people before the whole incident with the stalkers happened.  People can and do change, and she had absolutely no right to do what she did, but she does become a better person.)
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Hey its me again, actually i kinda forgot to mention i was talking about your storey PLAN-B... it was a dumb mistake but what can you expect from a person who has spent almost 8-10 hrs of continuously reading your storey from start to end because i was so intrigued to finish it at once... now m dead tired ,so toodles.... :)