If you're reading this, then you probably want some information to build up a mental picture of me. Well, there isn't much to say, save that I'm a musical Luddite - choosing good ol' Rock'n'Roll (Beatles, Dylan, Hendrix an' such) over the doof-doof music of today - and that I read stuff by folks like Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, and Gaiman. I have also subjugated the entire British Isles under my rule - hence the name.

I've got a couple of things up that might interest you, so have a gander through my work and see if anything catches your eye. If not, click on something anyway. You might surprise yourself and find what you're reading to your liking.

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KingBritain KingBritain 10 days ago
Helllllooooo, all!
      Well, I've finally been able to rally through the big brick wall that has been plaguing me for God know's how long, and have completed the next chapter of After Britain: Doggerlan...
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After Britain II: Doggerland

Social data: 10.5K reads. 677 votes. 324 comments.

Description: Five years have passed since the bloody events of After Britain, and the dead landscape of the world has only gotten worse. New cities are rising, and with their growing armies and dark intent, the people of t...


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Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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Over the years, I've written a lot of things that don't really have a home. Some are short stories, some...

After Britain

After Britain

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When the manics came and the fires followed, only the After remained. Follow The Soldier as he struggle...

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The Dead King

The Dead King

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'I have chosen you as my champion, to shape the world as I see fit.' Cedric Swift died on his father's...



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In Norland, the dead don't stay dead. A marauding army of deadmen ravage the grim landscape of Norland...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List