well my name is Kimmi (: An im brain stormin
Right now. I'm wrkin on a few ideas. Each different kind of stories I read on here my ideas change. Lol I'm super into werewolf stories and there are some amazin writers on here. I'd like to read some more an get some more info on the subject but I have some rough drafts started. I hate any kind of drama an dnt like ppl tht keep it around them. Lookin forward to readin more stories an wen I do upload my first real story I look forward to fans,comments, and votes(:
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Kimmi19 Kimmi19 Aug 12, 2015 10:08PM
jus put up my first chapter, everyone check it out! could use some ideas on wat to change, wat to add, anything! any feedback needed! remember its my first book!
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Description: This is a story of a 17yr old girl named Ashlynne, who is abused by her father. Her mother passed away giving birth to her younger bother Phoenix, (10yr old). Ashlynne takes all her fathers abuse so her brothe...


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