Well my name is Wesley and writing is one of my many talents. I have a bundle of friends, teachers, and relatives who will tell you that my writing is amazing. When it comes to writing, any idea is an idea for me and I can make it come to life in a heartbeat. I'm 13 and play the piano which really helps with the creative part of my mind. I hope you will indulge into and enjoy my writing.
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Killz4food Killz4food May 31, 2013 01:56AM
Okay. Because I want Speaker in The Circle and Inseparable to be big scale books I've decided to write a small scale story to...grab attention per-say. It will be called As Summer Was Just Beginning...
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Description: Time after time food has persevered through apocalypses and alien invasions. But this can't all ways be a good thing can it? After the world ends and the human race is completely obliterated by a freak solar...


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What would it be like... If you had a friend to guide you through all the mishaps in your life and tell...

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