Wanna know how I was fcked up? Ask that to my abusive lesbian ex Drey Fcking Sanders.</3 

My bitch --> @Kezzzzie

My location is not exactly on Hogwarts, I just fucked Voldemort and got the hell outta there. And my location is on... Your momma's oversized pants. ;)


My name up there is just a nickname. My name starts with the word 'KEZ', if you want to know, READ THE BIBLE. I'm 16 years old, I live with my mother, father and my obnoxious brother. Hey, that rhymed.

Who knew you can also screw someone with your genitals? TO THE PUSSEH WAGON! :3

FUCK ME BIEBER! I hate him but it doesnt makes sense at all... cunt ... :)

My face screams "FCK ME PEDO!"
They call me ICECREAM; because I'm cold and stubborn to strangers but I'm cute and baby faced. I hate it by the way. I'm half lesbo and half woman, so I have a girl crush on Catwoman. (Don't bring up the pussy jokes.) I've attempted to cut myself, it hurts and it feels good at the same time. But sex is better. (Imma virgin) I like bisexual guys, because guys in my life are annoying as fck. I have a crush on girls too. Well, hell, who wouldn't if Megan Fox existed. I've been mistaken as a 10 year old too. I love playing Halo, Fallout 3, and GTA! &amp;lt;3 I murder hookers. My peers are mostly girls. And most of them are bitchy. Because guys in my life are douches. They like girls who have big boobies and an ass size of my pillow. Nicki Minaj. My favorite color is red and black. I like red because it's the color of my period.

And my stories are made by my surroundings, emotions and feelings. My aunt hates me because she thought I was doing naughty things and playing like a maniac. But truth is, I write romance novels and save them on my computer. Judgemental whore. It's not wrong to judge others, you've just gotta say it to them in personal. Bitches hate being backstabbed. If I published my misery to all of you (my stories), please fan, comment and rape me! (rate me)
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KezzieIsReal KezzieIsReal Aug 17, 2012 01:41PM
@sexybabebrii I didnt even know how to because im new, and i'd pm you? hell, i dont even know that sht!!! i share with.my sister but she just read books here... 
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