I'm awesome. Don't try to argue. I'm just awesome. Deal with it or get the FUCK out.

Anyway, my name is Kerryn. I go by Kezi. Please read my stories! *bows* haha, no.

I'm Kezi Karisma, or Kezi. I write. You read. We good? 'Kay.

I'm not actually all that mean, but I like people's first impression of me to be a person you don't mess with. Get to know me, and I can be really nice. Besides I've got such good fashion sense~ If anyone knows that reference, inbox me what you think it is. I will love you forever if you know!!!

Inbox me if you ever want to talk! :)

And now for random facts!

I'm 13!


I love manga!

I love and adore music. I live for it. You won't ever be able to get how much I love it, but think of your love for, say, your family. That's how much I love music.

"You're the worst fucking bitch I know!" "Wrong. You don't even know me."

~We're only liars, but we're the best! We're only good for the latest trends! We're only good 'cuz you can have almost famouse friends. Besides we've got such good fashion sense.~ Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name of This Song so we Wouldn't get Sued - Fall Out Boy
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