I'm a Sophomore dreading this upcoming school year, I have obsessions with video games, and I'm wondering whether or not to delete Olivia Potter a.k.a. the most embarrassing, badly written works of my 5th/6th grade year. Thank you to whoever has stayed updated and even may want new updates to Greater Troubles, and as I have previously mentioned, I am still debating what path to take with the story.
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Description: As one of the famous Potter twins, everyone expected the same great bravery in Olivia as they saw in Harry. But as soon as Olivia returns to the Wizarding world, she sets herself apart from everyone's expectations. Now she starts her own story, and...


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Greater Troubles

Greater Troubles

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(SEQUEL TO OP!!) Ever since she came back to Hogwarts, Olivia has been having strange feelings, like she...

Everyone else has, but be warned:
      -This was edited three years ago when I was 12
      -I have changed it so Olivia grew up learning magic, but the unedited parts have her learning a couple weeks before she arrived at Hogwarts
      -Once again it is just horribly written in my opinion
      Other than these inconsistencies, you should be fine. 
      (So basically go if you wish, but you were warned)