Hi! My name's Kenna Jones! I really don't like doing these "about me" things because you never really know how to start off, so I guess I'm just going to give you a few facts about me, K? Alright.
1) This is the most important one: I LOVE DRAGONS!!!
2) I don't like how I look; I'm self conscious.
3) I write a lot. If I didn't write then I would never be entertained, and I'd die of boredom.
4) I love to read fantasy with action. It takes you to a new place, an imaginary world. It makes me long for a wand and to be a wizard or for a bow and an arrow to hunt or powers to control the water and be a daughter of Poseidon. That'd be nice. :)
5) I'm crazy, insane, weird, reckless, stupid, and strange.
6) I have blue eye and brown hair with blonde streaks. :)
7) My hair is the only pretty part about me. I sort of wish I had green eyes, too.
8) I'm fat, even if I'm a thirteen year old.
9) One of my best friends is a guy over the internet, and we argue a lot. He has my cell number. :) I was eleven when I gave it to him, and I didn't know it was a bad idea, but I believe him to be the age he says. :/
10) I hate it when people try to comfort me when I'm crying. I just want to cry, alright? Don't try to make it better.
11) I don't mind if you ask me to read one of your stories. I just need you to understand that I may or may not read it, and I don't want to offend you by not reading it.
12) I'm very emotional. I find it hard to stick up for myself, and I really can't be mean to anyone. :(
13) I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi. If I see a mistake someone makes, I tell them to fix it.
14)I love to role play.
15) I'm on the computer a lot.
16) I hate my sisters.
17) I care what people think about me.
18) I love country and pop music, along with a bit of rock.
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