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( That was nothing but a trap for you ) (I know it is very no fun)

Call me anything with a prefix 'Ai' like- AiTae,Aira,Aiza as 愛(Love) is everything...I'm a teen who is obsessed with Fandoms.

Heard of Anime ? No ,it's not cartoon.
"Anime is life."
My Dere type - Dandere ,Tsundere and Kudere
"That moment when you got to know that you are in love with fictional characters."

"That moment when you got to know that those fictional characters are real."

I guess you have heard of
"Seven idiots who ruined my life "
Well they ruined mine :')

방탄 소년들은 어리 석다.
(Bangtan Boys are stupid)
하지만 나는 바보처럼 그들을 사랑해.
(But I love them as I'm stupid)

"I don't have a bias list but have list of wreckers .
편향 목록이 없지만 파괴자 목록이 있습니다. "
Kewl & Reliable
My Brain
-30% Anime
-50% BTS
-10% Languages
-10% other hobbies (mostly include Sports )
-10% School stuff

I know it add up as 110%

Q time (Q means questions, not for your IQ tho )
-Yuri or Yaoi?
-BTS or Normal Life
-Anime or Manga ?
-Subs or dubs ?
Answer in the comment section, beside this
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