Keaton Foster is a nationally and internationally published author of poetry, short stories, and philosophy. With several published books to his credit, and over eighty-five hundred, and counting poems Keaton Foster will certainly leave his mark on the literary world before his time is done. Keaton Foster has much to say and he expresses it in all that he writes. His uniquely crafted works deal with a wide variety of topics that illuminate every aspect of his own life as well as the world he has come to know through his experiences. One of the most prolific poets of his generation, Keaton Foster has explored all sides of what it means to exist as we do. With his keen insight into the human experience, which he attributes to his own often-complicated, and challenging life. Keaton Foster has certainly created some amazing, thought provoking writings that cross all boundaries. Well-known published short stories like "The Sapphire Moon (2008)" highlight Keaton's powerful ability to convey human emotions in ways that have left many readers speechless. Keaton's poems, and short stories often deal with deep personal issues that many of his avid readers will surely be able to relate to in powerful ways. Keaton Foster's writings hold nothing back in their raw, true, powerful form. He leaves no stone unturned in his quest to expose all the deep dark secrets hiding behind closed doors. Born and raised in Saco, Maine in the early 1970s. Keaton Foster spent his formative years living in a highly dysfunctional family environment. Drug abuse, alcoholism, and emotional and physical abuse were all part of Keaton Foster's daily life growing up in Maine. Abandoned by his mother when he was twelve, Keaton has long since known what it takes to survive in an often-inhospitable world.

His past and present life are a constant source for his writings.
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