Hello you fabulous people!!!

I am now going to tell you a little about me.....

@Lotzo02 made my profile picture so please go follow them!
You all can call me "K" or "Kay"

I am a Pansexual person.

Pronouns are they/them

I'm a Sagittarius ♐

I am usually super nice to everyone so please don't take that as flirting because I'm not~ (I also call people pet names so if you are uncomfortable with that then please tell me and I won't call you them~)

I am a proud Slytherin!🐍I have a twin/ @Doodlexi that's a Hufflepuff.

I am a emo, depressed, and an insomniac. 🖤

I am a minor.

I am a Weeb

I am the therapist, extremely sassy, pan, non-binary, adhd, relatable, and extremely overly protective friend ✨

I RP if anyone wants to~

The Fandoms I am in & the ships I like are:
°Look at my reading lists
° Basically anything gay🏳️‍🌈

☆My favorite bands are:
•Panic! at the disco
•Sleeping w/ sirens
•Linkon Park
•Falling in Reverse
•Fall out boy
•Green day
• Mother Mother
•Imagine Dragons
• Cavetown
•I also really like the Twilight new Saga soundtrack even tho I'm NOT a Twilight fan.

Anyways that's me! I am also always open to suggestions/requests for any of my books/one-shots.

If you vote on any of my books then I will most likely immediately follow you (:

I support anyone and everyone! We don't discriminate here!

Love you all and I hope all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals have a wonderful rest of your morning/afternoon/night!!!
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