I have the spottiest record of keeping up to date with wattpad. However this site has frustrated me beyond compare many a time. That I haven't even touched my account for over a year because of it.

But I will struggle on.

There isn't much you really need to know about me. I'm a Brit. I'm afro Caribbean. And I quite like writing. Although usually privately. Drop a comment if you want to know anything else.

A pleasure to have you stop by, make sure to not be a stranger. With the love of a thousand Aarnantherea (Reference will be given later). xx
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Raw Paranoia

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Description: Hunted to near extinction. Or so they thought. First they took the children, promising sweets and toys and love, passing it off on the news as paedophilia. Then they took the women, promising care and stability, reported as rape murders. Then they t...

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Rogue, Silver and Silent

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