So after a ridiculously long wait, I finally have a synopsis posted for a new story. I really hope you guys will like it xx




@KayC91 wow!!! cant wait to try it out :)




Hello author. I'm a fan from the Philippines. I had read Dream Crashers, and it was a crazy journey. The story is wonderful. And i was so happy that you have another story which is the Flames at midnight. I only read the description and I was already thrilled. But I feel worried when I notice that 2018 is the last update. I even added FAM to my reading list "waiting to be completed books." So i can check it every so often. I'm usually a silent reader, but I do give comments and send messages to give my support or motivation to the authors. And I hope you'll have your comeback soon enough, and make us (your fan/readers) happy.. Thank you..❤❤


Hey Kay,
          Hope you are fine..its was 4 years back when I read your "The dream crashers" and  I instantly fell for it and for your writing..and to say, I am also your ardent follower. I havent read your "Flames of midnight" yet but is very concerned noticing that it was last updated almost 4 years back. I really wanted to read it but the fear of hooked to a unfinished book scares me ( you know how  pathetic a book lover feels when they couldnt complete reading a book).
          I wonder if you could complete that book and let us( your most loving followers) read it.
          Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. Hope you could give a reply atleast.
          LOVE YOU♥️♥️


Hi umm when is the next chapter update for Flames at midnight???


Good evening Miss Kay! I apologize for a message so late as such, but I have been wondering if I may include your book, "The Dream Crashers", in my upcoming release titled "Best Books". It is a collection of books on Wattpad that I think need to be heard of even more. I would love to share if you would allow it! 


The dream crashers was an amazing book!!! I really do wish you would have found a way to explain further what happens, I understand its implied and for the reader to decide the fate of the characters but Im curious to hear the way YOU see it all pan out


the dream crasher was an amazing book.... you are nice writer


Hi Kay. Are you ever going to update FAM? I really love that story and would be happy to see a new chapter. =)


Hi my names Shannon , but call me shan, I was womdering if you would be continuing with flames at midnight at all I’m hooked on it ! 
          -Shan ❤️x