Hello my little stalkers! Just admit it, if your on here, your stalking me... SO! because I am a helpful target of your stalking...so, my name, is Kathleen. I am.. a racist... I despise... gingers, and mudbloods... I hate Gryffindor house, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents. Do you want to be my friend?

Dat was a tiddlybit (haha I love that word) of an inside joke For all AVPMheads out there. My goal in life is to be one of The Doctor's companions and to be a stable Doctor/Donna (or Doctor/Kathleen, actually) that would be AWESOMESAUCE (MY WORD DON'T STEAL IT!
Hello sir, would you like some awesomesauce with that epicburger? *they walk away creeped out* WAIT YOU FORGET YOUR WINFRIES!) As you can now clearly see, I am VERY random and spastic and serious conversations don't come very easily to me.
I am a self professed NERD (see, even nerds can be cool!) but I won't rub my nerdiness all over the place (God, that sounds kinda wrong (can you tell I love parentheses by now, I bet you can (THEY'RE JUST SO HELPFUL)))

Blech, now I don't know what to say and I'm bored of making this (I have a very short attention span)
Meh, I'm a really good singer and I wish you could post pictures and videos on here cause frankly, I hate Facebook, it annoys me, but somehow, I still have one! Hmm I guess it will always be a mystery!

My favorite books serieseseseses (I really don't know what the plural of series is so I just repeat es twenty million times) ARREE:
Percy Jackson
The Hunger Games (May the odds be ever in your favor and that the next movie doesn't suck like the last one)
Anything written by Rick Riordan (he's awesome, I've met him! (jk I haven't, I wish I have though!))
I HATE Twatlight and Justin Beiber. They annoy the crap outta me!
Umm I forgot what I was talking about and I'll be pissed if my retaded phone got rid of all the spaces!

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@MarvelTheAvengers I really apologize for abandoning the story but I just lost inspiration for it and got super busy. I know those are bad excuses but I really appreciate you reading and loving it s...
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