I am a full-time writer and editor with over three gajillion published novels/novellas/short stories/what have you. My latest project is Call Me Zhenya, which is currently the subject of a Kindle Scout campaign. See my Wattpad posts for sample chapters and a link to vote for the book on Scout.

For more about me, my stories, and my dubious life choices, drop by my Patreon site at patreon.com/katrienaknights or my twitter at twitter.com/crazywritinfool
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Stories by Katriena Knights
Call Me Zhenya by KatrienaKnights
Call Me Zhenya Romance
Protective custody, six months max, they said. Just until people strop trying to kill her, they said. Two years later, Anna Slaten-and the data surgically and genetically locked inside her enhanced brain-is still b...
Lord of the Screaming Tower by KatrienaKnights
Lord of the Screaming Tower Fantasy
In a world where magic is ruled by music, the young wizard Sarangell faces his mentor's sworn enemy in a battle to save everything Sarangell has ever known.
Cupid's Arrow by KatrienaKnights
Cupid's Arrow Romance
Flash fiction for Valentine's Day.