Hey it's anna! :D
BVB Army Member!!!


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BVB Army Member!!!

• REAL BVB fans- don’t like the band just because of Andy
• REAL BVB fans- know who the only original member of the band is
• REAL BVB fans- know more songs than knives and pens
• REAL BVB fans- think Chance and Andy never gets old
• REAL BVB fans- know that Ashley Purdy is a GUY
• REAL BVB fans- have made “never give in” their motto
• REAL BVB fans- have worn their makeup like Andy’s on a normal day
• REAL BVB fans- would vote for lightning thunderstein

My goals:

[X] 30 VOTES
[X] 50 VOTES
[] 100 VOTES
[] 500 VOTES
[] 1000 VOTES

[X] 500 READS
[X] 800 READS
[X] 1000 READS


About Me:

I'm lesbian and if you don't like it, too freaking bad!!
haters gonna hate
single like a pringle...
my motto is "never give in"
I love reading and writing.
My favorite class is english... that's why im on here.
im in all honors classes next year cause im smart haha :D


panic! at the disco
my chemical romance
black veil brides
blood on the dance floor
mayday parade
blink 182

91% of girls would be dead if the Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your profile if you are part of the 9% who would be cracking up! (i'm part of the 9%)

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i guess that's it so bye!
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