Chapter 2 is up!


@KathrynMiehette  thank you soo much for reposting twice taken i love this book it is my # 1 favorite 


Twice taken was my very first book that I read and I love it so much i will always read this book. Thank you so much for bringing it back. I was so sad when it was taken down.


Is there anywhere I can buy The Cowboy and The Princess ? I looked on Amazon & can’t find it. @kathrynMiehette 


Yeah I tried Amazon but there are no more copies available as en e-book or hardcopy. I was hoping there was some other site to get one from.


            I purchased my copy as an e-book from Amazon and downloaded it to my Kindle. I'm not sure if you could buy physical copies tho.


Omg! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see that you are posting your stories and writing again. When I first started an account on Wattpad your story his last request was the first book I ever read. Sadly It was taken down before I ever had the chance to finish. I searched the internet and everywhere trying to see if I could purchase it anywhere. It was the one book I always wanted to know the ending on. I have never found a book that I liked as much  as I did that book. I hope you are going to bring it back and I am so excited to start reading some of your other work. You are such a talented writer. Thank you for coming back. 


Am really loving having twice taken in my library again! Can’t wait for the next chapters! :)


So very excited you're back and reposting "Twice Taken". I've been scouring the internet in hopes you were on another website, it seems so many other people had the same idea.
          Looking forward to reading your book again.

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