Hello fellow wattpaders! Love being here! I've always been an avid reader, everything from Watership Down to Interview with a Vampire to Anne of Green Gables to the Guide to Green Hope Flower Essences. I also love to sing and am a professional jazz and variety singer and Marilyn Monroe tribute artist; You can hear some professionally recorded songs with me singing lead vocals at http://www.reverbnation.com/KatherineEstelleRobertsStella 
I'm a strong Bernie Sanders supporter; Bernie for President of the United States!
Bernie is awesome! He's the best candidate I've ever had the opportunity to vote for; He is world's away from Hillary Clinton and everyone else in the race this year on trade issues, decriminalizing marijuana and regulating the Big Banks and Wall Street. I look forward to voting in my state's primaries and again in the general election. If you are at least 17 going on 18 by Nov. 8 2016, you may be eligible to vote in your state's primary this month and again in the general election in November. Go to for voter info. for your state and address.
Verify your voter registration:

Get voter registration info. and find out when your primaries are coming up.
and http://www. voteforbernie.org to get info. for every state in the union.

My main food addiction is dark chocolate. I'm currently 36, no kids or pets. I don't mind going to the beach or movies alone, but also enjoy socializing with small groups of friends, preferably over food.


I also have some short stories in the sci-fi and fantasy genres featured here which are worth a read.


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KatherineElizabeth KatherineElizabeth Mar 03, 2016 05:35AM
Hi, folks. I've been busy lately supporting Bernie Sanders, candidate for President of the United States. I would love to live in a Bernie world---where old people have enough social security to make...
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Bernie Sanders

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Description: 12 Reasons to Consider Caucusing or Attending a Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is the best chance America has for substantially improved healthcare, wages, debt-free college and technica...


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