Hello fellow wattpaders! Love being here! I've always been an avid reader, everything from Watership Down to Interview with a Vampire to Anne of Green Gables to the Guide to Green Hope Flower Essences. I also love to sing and am a professional jazz and variety singer and Marilyn Monroe tribute artist; You can hear some professionally recorded songs with me singing lead vocals at http://www.reverbnation.com/KatherineEstelleRobertsStella . If you like Jazz or Holiday music, you'll probably like listening.

I'm semi-vegetarian, meaning not really, but I do try to skip meat a few days a week. My main food addiction is dark chocolate. I'm currently 36, no kids or pets. I don't mind going to the beach or movies alone, but also enjoy socializing with small groups of friends, preferably over food. I love travel and adventure and do as much of it as I can afford to (which isn't nearly enough). I recently became certified as a yoga teacher through Yoga and Massage in the Sandhills' Crysalis YTT.

I've finished my work "Reckless Lives" in the historical fiction genre (Old South) here on wattpad, and am just finishing up the sequel "Ruin and Redemption" to give you the whole story. "Reckless Lives" is a cross between a gothic romance and a coming of age novel. It's influenced by "Interview with a Vampire"; "To Kill a Mockingbird"; "Anne of Green Gables"; "Wuthering Heights" and "The Secret Garden". Comments from readers have been mostly positive.

I also have some short stories in the sci-fi and fantasy genres featured here which are worth a read.


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Description: Lizzie Henderson struggles to stay sane after her beloved Michael is murdered by a gang of patrollers led by her dear friend, Josiah Walsh. Unable to forgive Josiah for halting Michael's escape in such a brutal manner, and tormented by the thought o...


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Thanks for your help Tiffani. There are definitely places where I changed names mid-way through..and this definitely needs to be changed in editing. I did get a bit lazy about the ending. I should change it later...I just could not see myself going on for another hundred pages. And the important part to me was that the slaves had become sharecroppers, the bullying had stopped and Lizzie had finally found her place. I don't think it was the case Lizzie never got the courage to go North...she realized in the end that there was important work to do right where she was and she could benefit her freed slaves (by teaching the children to read) by staying right where she was. And also, now that she was no longer compelled to be a "lady" she could domore of  the things she loved such as riding horses, wearing pants, and gardening/farming. I'll have to make this clearer when I write the new ending.